Tuesday, April 3, 2012

summer sandals

just in, new summer sandals. the studded ones are from urban outfitters and the one in the middle is from zara. each around $30.
today i wear the black ones, and ive gotten so many compliments already.


bravegrrl said...

studded sandals! perfect :)

hopefully i'll see you at the next event!

† Elmo † said...

Studded ones are off the hooky hook!!

Georgia said...

ohhh studded sandals how amazing! needs me some of that!


Beckerman Girls said...

Those really are the coolest badass awesome punk shoes! I NEEED those flats with the studs! TOOO COOL babe! WOWOWOWOWOW and totally rock n' rolla!
xoThe Beckerman Girls


Cindy Hsu said...

those studded sandals are so cute! I remember there was the teal/minty color? that one was adorable too!


Lidiya said...

Very cool sandals, the studs are so edgy <3

el_martina said...

studded sandals are great !

The Adorable Two said...

Nice sandals! I like them.

Besos Storm

Carmen said...

They're amazing, the black ones are deifnitely my favourite of the three!

Carmen Ri.

michelle said...

so cool and affordable